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Raider Ink was developed from the need of the service.  From working on projects during all class time, planning periods, and after school to having a full class to do the work.   Established 2012

Raider ink consists of six students and a technology teacher.  Ashley Lovell (Sr) Second year in Raider Ink has be in the field for 6 years and specializes in Graphics, screen printing and has leadership qualities.  With her leadership and dedication we will be successful.  Kellie Harris (Sr.) is fairly new to the program with this being her 3rd year.  She has brought new ideas and has been an excellent addition.  Lexi McGowen (Jr.) is in her 5th year of the technology program and has excelled in the graphics section of the courses.  She has great new ideas and shares a lot of experiences.  Cam McDonald (Jr.) has great experience with the graphic and video industry and brings a little humor to our world.  He is willing to help in any need that pops up. Lucas Brummett (Jr.) has done most of the classes that are offered here in the Technology Program.  He has a wide background of Communication and Video Technology and has expanded into the printing industry.  Connor Doherty (Jr) is also a well rounded 5th year student.  He has excelled in the Video realm and is now excelling in the graphics industry. Mr. Gudde is on his sixteenth year of teaching technology with 12 years of professional graphics experience.  He has a Bachelors in Wood Technology and a Masters in Technology Education.  Mr. Gudde has received Master Teacher of the Year in 2016 from the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce.  Also he received the Business Education Partner from the Business Education Alliance in 2016.  Mr. Gudde was nominated for Kansas Teacher of the Year in 2016.  From all his experience, he brings something new to the program each and every day.  Our goal as a company is to be as innovative as we can to give something new and fresh to our customers!

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